Business Management & Accounting Made Easy

Business Management & Accounting Made Easy



An online, award-winning, Business Management and Accounting System specifically designed for people in small business who don't understand accounting.



SMEasy is used by entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.
It's specifically designed for people who don't understand accounting and struggle with conventional
systems. It's easy-to-use and helps you stay on top of your business.

Small businesses who:

  • Want simple, professional looking quotes and invoices that include their logo
  • Are on the move and want to access their business info from anywhere at anytime
  • Don't understand accounting
  • Struggle with conventional accounting systems
  • Want an easy way of checking who they owe and who owes them
  • Need a simple payroll system
  • Don't have IT system backup procedures in place
  • Don't have or can't afford a bookkeeper


What is Different About It?

NO accounting knowledge needed

Conventional accounting systems for small businesses are typically developed from the accountant's perspective, using accounting double entry principles and accounting terms. Business owners then have to try and understand how to match their pile of paperwork with words in the system like debit, credit and journal.

SMEasy is different! It has been specifically designed for you as the business owner. It is developed from your perspective, using language you understand, and with input fields that match your paperwork. You simply have to record what you spent your money on and how you paid for it (i.e. did you use cash from the business, your own personal money, or a business bank account etc).

SMEasy provides everything you need as a business owner to manage the finances in your business, it also provides everything your accountant needs to produce your financials and manage your tax. Many people are convinced that the electronic filing of their business and financial information is something that only a bookkeeper or Accountant can do because it’s very complicated. This is simply not the case, they have just been using systems designed by accountants not entrepreneurs!

90% of the monthly financial recordkeeping in your business can be done by you or any non-accounting person you assign in your business. SMEasy saves you thousands of Rands in accounting fees every month.

Includes PAYROLL & unlimited data storage

Not just an Accounting System, it’s a comprehensive one-stop system for all your Business needs

SMEasy is a comprehensive Business Management System that integrates all your primary business requirements into one easy to use system.

It caters for the management of your Contacts, Communication, Staff, Finances, Reporting, Accounting and facilitates your tax compliance.

Comprehensive FREE support

SMEasy offers 5 levels of support

FREE recordkeeping training

AdminEasy is a step-by-step training programme that teaches you how to set up and maintain a simple filing and recordkeeping system for your business. It was developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs so it understands your daily realities and speaks your language.

Good recordkeeping is vital for business survival and growth. Your entrepreneurial talent, products and good markets will help you bring in the business but it is only good recordkeeping that will ensure you stay in business. AdminEasy provides you with the all the tools you need to ensure that you can stay on top of your business.

Good recordkeeping will save you hundreds of Rands in bookkeeping fees as you will now be able to provide your accountant with well organised up-to-date paperwork.

AdminEasy Training Modules:

  • Module 1: The Entrepreneur’s Reality
  • Module 2: Setting Up Your Recordkeeping System
  • Module 3: Managing Your Paperwork
  • Module 4: Understanding Your Financial Statements
  • Module 5: Managing Your Staff Records
  • Module 6: Small Business Basic Legal Requirements

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What it costs?

  • ONE LICENCE per business
  • UNLIMITED users
  • Pay via EFT, Credit Card or Debit Order
  • Pay annually and get one month free


SMEasy has partnered with Finfind to provide access to finance for small business across South Africa.